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Jack Enter provides training for law enforcement and other professions that focuses upon skills that make individuals more effective in their work and personal lives. Most of his training involves leadership skills for managers and supervisors but his “Survival Skills” series applies many of those same skills to individuals in non-supervisory positions. This website provides information on various programs available, a calendar of scheduled presentations, and information on how to order a copy of Jack’s book, Challenging the Law Enforcement Organization: Proactive Leadership Strategies.

Leadership Book now available on iTunes

For a limited time we are offering our iBook version for the same price as the hard copy. This is a great option if you need the the latest copy of "Challenging the Law Enforcement Organization" quickly and would like to read on your iPhone or iPad. We are still offering hard copies thru our online store as well so be sure to check back frequently for our latest promotions.

Among the topics discussed are chapters on the impact of living and policing an unskilled and violent society, why law enforcement managers fail to successfully impact their agencies, and chapters on self-management, communication, motivation, and being more effective in our personal lives.

The wide road of mediocrity followed by most law enforcement managers makes them ineffective as leaders. They spend their many years of supervision and management having little or no positive impact on their staff or on the organizational culture. As it has been said that when you stick your finger in a bucket of water and then pull it out, the water looks just like it did before you put your finger in it. That, tragically, mirrors the career of most law enforcement managers.
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